• Sky Blue Butane
    The Only American Made Butane Canister.
  • Sourced Exclusively from
    American Natural Gas
    Thanks to our strategic Houston location, we are able to source higher-quality, lower-priced American butane for our customers.
  • Manufactured in the Lone Star State.
    Sky Blue Butane Canisters are manufactured and filled in Sky Blue's Houston, Texas factory with care by our enthusiastic and talented employees.
  • We're Located in the
    Energy Capital of the World
    Sky Blue strategically located both our corporate headquarters and our factory in Houston, Texas to source better, less expensive butane gas on our customers' behalf.
  • Sky Blue Canisters have
    10% More Butane
    We fill our canisters with more butane than our competitors so that our customers get more fuel for their dollar.
  • Sky Blue Practices
    Eco-Friendly Manufacturing
    Our customers can rest assured knowing that we take every precaution to protect our environment.

Sky Blue Butane – Exclusively Sourced and Manufactured in America

We're truly proud to deliver a quality, American-made product to customers worldwide.

Why Sky Blue Butane?

Our butane is always sourced in America from purely domestic suppliers. At Sky Blue, our mission is simple: save our customers money and deliver a superior butane fuel canister, while taking back an industry and the jobs we lost to foreign competition.

Sky Blue is dedicated to delivering the highest quality butane gas and canisters to our customers. Because of the abundance of natural gas in the United States and our domination of the butane production market, Sky Blue is able to buy our butane for far less than our foreign competitors and pass the savings on to our valued customers.


Sky Blue is the only butane canister made in the USA and we source only American butane

Sky Blue canisters burn longer, cost less and are proudly made in the USA.
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