About Sky Blue Butane

Sky Blue was founded in 2013 by Jude Shao, an American businessman with an eye for market inefficiencies and a passion for reviving American manufacturing. Jude realized that the butane fuel canister market was predominantly controlled by foreign importers, creating no American jobs and overcharging for their product.

Jude asked himself a simple question, “Can we make butane fuel canisters here in the USA, create American jobs, deliver a higher degree of quality and sell our product for less than an imported rival?”

The answer was and is Yes!

America is the Butane Capital of the World

Let us get something straight here: America is the butane capital of the world and there is no reason for us to import a single ounce of it. We have more gas processing facilities in the Houston metropolitan area than most countries and some continents. We can buy our gas for far less than foreign manufacturers, which means we can put 10% more gas in our canisters, manufacture higher quality canisters, and sell them for significantly less.

Sky Blue is funded by deeply committed investors from Silicon Valley and every member of our team is dedicated to bringing butane canister manufacturing, with the jobs and consumer savings it entails, back to this great country.

Our factory at 8710 Scranton Street, Houston, Texas 77075 is the first of its kind in the Western Hemisphere. We are the only manufacturer of butane fuel canisters in both North and South America.

  • Made in America
    Sky Blue is the only butane canister made in the USA.
    Sky Blue sources only American butane.
    We are dedicated to growing American manufacturing.
  • Highest Quality Butane Gas
    in the Thickest, Strongest Canisters
    Less Expensive than our Korean and Japanese rivals.
    Smaller Carbon Footprint than our Foreign Competitors
  • Thank you for considering Sky Blue Butane
    We Value Our Customers and Clients
    We are dedicated not only to provided a superior product, but also excellent support and assistance. Let us put our experience and know-how to work for you.