• Sky Blue. All American Butane.
    Sky Blue Butane Canisters
    Sky Blue butane canisters are built stronger, filled with more butane, and are priced significantly cheaper than our competitors. Sky Blue is proud to manifacture our product in the United States using domestically sourced gas.

Global Distribution

Sky Blue has clients and customers all around the world.

Low Price Butane

We source high-quality, low-price American butane for our customers.

Outstanding Customer Service

We value our customers and are dedicated to providing world-class customer service.

Sky Blue is the only butane canister made in the USA and we source only American butane.

We're proud to support American gas production and manufacturing.

Sky Blue Butane is the only butane canister made in the USA with only American butane. We are dedicated to growing American manufacturing and are proud to have our factory located in Houston, Texas.


Sky Blue. All American Butane.

Sky Blue butane canisters are safer, burn longer and cost less

Sky Blue canisters burn longer because they are filled with 10% more gas. Our canisters cost less because they are made in the U.S.A. with domestic butane, which is higher quality and less expensive due to our strategic location in the gas production capital of the world.

Sky Blue canisters are safer because the cans are made 14% thicker and implement the best American RVR technology. Last but not least, our production has a smaller carbon footprint than our Korean and Japanese rivals

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